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Giving Back to the Community

Here at Titanium Dental, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to our community. Here's what our office does to give to the community.

Volunteering at Ben Massell

Ben Massell is a Dental Clinic that offers professional dental care to people in Atlanta who are unable to afford it.  So far, it has 150 volunteering dentists, which Dr. Yoon is one of. He also takes most of his staff with him to help these people in need.

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Giving to the

Salvation Army

Titanium Dental donates toothbrushes, floss and other basic dental products to the Salvation Army. 

Mission Trips

Once a year, Dr. Yoon and his staff travel on a mission trip to the countries in rural zones of Central America that need dental care by offering free extractions, cleanings, and other dental treatments. 

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To know more about our "Giving Back" and Titanium Dental:


At Jusgo Supermarket, we have our philanthropic center, where we provide all this information and more.

We give an electrical toothbrush to customers to raise awareness about our "giving back" movement and  encourage others to help who are in need. 

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